Community Center

H. G. Johnson Memorial Hall
Drayton, ND 58225

The historic Drayton city hall, 105 Almeron Ave., once again serves as a center for community activities. After 10 years of being leased to a private business, the hall was been spruced up for public use.

The hall has been dubbed the H. G. Johnson Memorial Hall, because funds used to fix up the hall were willed to the city by local farmer Harold G. Johnson.

It’s proven to be a great place for community gatherings. Tables and chairs and kitchen facilities are available at the hall. If you need a place for a reception, wedding dance, birthday party or meeting, call the city office to make a reservation.

The rental policies for H.G. Memorial Hall are listed below.


all rental arrangements shall be made through the city office.

Renter shall place a security deposit of $100.00 at the time of reservation, to be forfeited in whole or in part in the event of breakage, or other damage to the premises, or failure to leave the premises in a clean condition after a post-event inspection.

Renter shall further be responsible for any damages to the premises or equipment which exceed the $100.00 deposit. —renter is responsible for setting up tables, chairs and decorations as needed.

Renter is responsible for taking down tables, chairs and returning to storage area, and for removing all decorations.

Renter is responsible for sweeping the floor and placing all garbage outside for pickup.

Alcoholic beverages may be distributed/served only by a licensed, local liquor establishment having an ON-SITE permit approved by the City Council in advance of the event. Licensee must further provide proof of liquor liability insurance to the City at the time of application for the OFFSITE permit.

No smoking in any part of the building.

Children must be supervised at all times.


Dances – $150.00

All dances must be approved by the City Council.

Sponsor of a dance shall hire licensed peace officers or licensed private security officers to maintain law and order, in such number as determined by the City Council in advance of the event.

Family reunions, receptions, etc. – $75.00

Short term rentals, such as birthday parties, aerobics or dance classes, meetings, etc. – $10.00 per hour (measured from the beginning of setup to the completion of cleanup).

Non-profit organizations, such as Drayton Knights, Chamber of Commerce, etc. no rental fee, but a donation would be appreciated to help defray the light and fuel costs.