Health & Safety

Drayton Volunteer Ambulance Service

Drayton Volunteer Ambulance Service serves the Drayton area with a 13-member responding crew. Our role as rural emergency medical providers is exciting, deeply rewarding, and ever-changing. We are in need of additional EMTs to maintain our excellent record of preparedness and to ensure an adequate number of responders continues to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Averaging approximately 100 calls annually in a coverage area that spans Pembina and Walsh counties in North Dakota, and Kittson and Marshall counties in Minnesota, Drayton Ambulance enjoys the generous support of area employers who allow their employees to respond to ambulance calls during working hours. Our crewmembers maintain an active, visible role in the community, offering periodic CPR classes and CPR recertification for the public, our firefighters, and lifeguards. We provide standby medical coverage at all fire scenes, football games, Pembina County Fair, Pembina Red River Roughrider Rodeo, and Pembina motocross races.

Public membership in Drayton Volunteer Ambulance Association is available for an annual membership fee of $15.00.

For more information about joining our crew, membership, memorials, and donations, please contact us at PO Box 238, Drayton, ND 58225-0238.


Drayton Fire & Rescue

Drayton Fire Department has more than a dozen active volunteer firefighters from a variety of career fields and walks of life. All members are trained throughout the year in auto extrication, fire suppression, and other related areas. The department is called to action through the use of pagers, radios, and a cell phone dispatching system. With the use of these tools and working closely with Pembina and Walsh counties in North Dakota and Kittson County in Minnesota, Drayton Fire Department provides quick response and around-the-clock protection. “From a bucket brigade to a first class small town fire department,” is how the history of Drayton Fire Department has been described. One of the area’s oldest organizations, the department has grown and prospered thanks to the support and tireless effort of many people throughout the years. This support has enabled the department to continue providing the high level of service the people in its coverage area have come to expect. Drayton Fire Department looks forward to a bright future and promises to persist in its efforts to be a first class small town fire department.
Meetings are held on the last Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

For information on becoming a Drayton firefighter, please contact us!

Chief Jordan Grundstrom
Assistant Chief Randy Corrick
105 W Grant Ave
P O Box 128
Drayton, ND 58225


Police Department

Police service in Drayton, its surrounding area, and Pembina County is provided by the Pembina County Sheriff’s Office. City police officers also work as sheriff’s deputies.

Drayton Police Dept.
City Office, Main Street
PO Box 280
Drayton, ND 58225


City Siren Information

Below is a guide sirens that sound in the city.

Siren is on for 16 seconds, off for 8 seconds, resulting in a shrill high-low pitch for 1.5 minutes total.

Siren is on for a full 3 minutes with no interruption, resulting in a steady high-pitched shrill sound. When a tornado warning is made, the community center will be opened for shelter.

Siren is on for 6 seconds, off for 3 seconds. This quick on-off sequence results in a shrill high-low sound that runs for 3 minutes total. Residents should stay inside. The danger could be a chemical spill, gunman loose in the neighborhood, etc. Tune in to radio or TV for information.

Health Resources

Clinic and Physical Therapy: Altru Clinic Drayton…

Optometrist: Dr. Tom Dunham, 701-454-3340

Chiropractor: Drayton Family Chiropractic, Dr. Catherine J. Hengel Borud, 701-454-3555

Pharmacy: Drayton Drug, 701-454-3831

Fitness Center: Xperience Health & Fitness, 701-866-9931…

Area Hospitals:

Unity Medical Center, Grafton, 701-352-1620

Pembina County Memorial Hospital, Cavalier, 800-701-8461

Kittson Memorial Hospital, Hallock, 218-843-3612

Altru Hospital, Grand Forks, 800-732-4277