Red River

Canoeists on the Red River near Drayton pass through the heart of the northern Red River Valley, one of the nation’s most fertile agricultural regions. Luscious oak forests and tall grass prairies flank the Red River in the Drayton area. The river brings canoeists right downtown, providing a stop at Hastings Landing Recreation area. Canoeists heading beyond Drayton must portage their canoes here to avoid the Drayton Dam, which is located north of town. A break from paddling also provides an opportunity to grab a bite downtown, stock up on supplies, or enjoy a meal at Hastings Landing Dining. Bring a tent to camp in Schumacher Park, or head to Economy Hotel!

Pembina River

A short drive from Drayton will take you to the Pembina River, nestled in the seclusion of the beautiful Pembina Gorge. A much smaller river than the Red, the Pembina River often runs swiftly. The natural features of the gorge provide a tranquil canoeing experience. For more information on canoeing these rivers, contact ND Parks and Recreation at 701-328-5357.