Drayton Economic Development Corporation

Drayton Economic Development Corporation
P. O. Box 32
Drayton, ND 58225-0032

Fax: 701-454-6331

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Ardis Olson
604 North Main Street
Drayton, ND 58225-0032


Fax: 701-454-6331

Inquire with Ardis Olson for meetings.

Drayton Economic Development Corporation is the central organization for gathering people together in a common objective to create new wealth and jobs in Drayton. DEDCO is a results-oriented, non-profit corporation that works to keep Drayton and the Drayton area on the cutting edge of aggressive development.

DEDCO is made up of businesses and individuals who pay a one-time membership fee to be applied toward funding the programs and efforts of the corporation as defined by the membership. DEDCO focuses its work on the retention and expansion of our local manufacturing and service companies. This local expansion work also includes the development of startup businesses. DEDCO also works to promote Drayton and the Drayton area as a place to do business for those outside companies looking for new expansion and/or relocation of their current operations.

Who should be a member of Drayton Economic Development Corporation?

Every business and/or individual who hopes to see Drayton and the Drayton area remain a vibrant, growing economic community should join DEDCO.  Every business and/or individual who hopes to see Drayton capable of supporting its residents with quality employment opportunities while continuing to provide those residents with a high quality of life should join DEDCO. A membership in DEDCO is especially important to those businesses and/or individuals who have a financial stake in the future of Drayton and hope to prosper along with the prosperity of others.

Board Members

President: Nick Rutherford
Vice President: Peter Anderson
Secretary: Ardis Olson
Treasurer/Coordinator: Ardis Olson


Jason Woinarowicz
Mark Prigge
Ron Corrick
Matt Thompson
Tammy Puppe
Mike Green


Drayton Drug
Peter Marciniak
Drayton Grain Processors
Daryl Passa
Andy Duncklee
Kelly Dokken
Northern Nature Seed
RGM Farms
Big Jim’s Tire Up North
Andy Adamson
Gary’s Tree Removal
Wade Gjevre
David Halcrow
Harold Pederson
Donald Holler
Cenex Harvest States
Rob Boll
Beverly Jensen
A. Gay Jensen
Halcrows Inc.
Ross Lambert

Larry Ritzo
Dr. Tom Dunham
Tom Dowdle
Deane Scharmer
Jon Brosseau
Tom Steenerson
Russell Schumacher
A. John Schumacher
James Cochran
John M. Schumacher
Drayton Improvements
Steve Simons
Stan Simons
Roger Weinlaeder
Drayton Insurance Agency
Jim Weinlaeder
Drayton Public School
Valley News and Views
Peter Anderson
Duane Dicken
Nick Rutherford
Steve Staskivige
Ardis Olson
Ross Landowski
Ron Corrick
Roberta Corrick
Matt Thompson (CPS)
Northland Insurance
Jason Woinarowicz
Northdale Oil
Mark Prigge
Michael Larson
Mike Green (Valley Building Center)
B & S Construction (Steve Church)
Drayton Community Chamber of Commerce
Otter Tail Power Company
Tammy Puppe
American Crystal Sugar Co.
David Raney