Drayton Curling Club

Drayton Curling Club

Tom Grzadzieleski
105 1/2 Almeron Ave
Drayton, ND 58225


Drayton is home to North Dakota’s oldest curling organization, founded in 1901 as Dacotah Curling Club. Curling quickly became a popular pastime here during winter months when travel became more difficult, farm activity slowed, and people sought opportunities to socialize and exercise. The sport of curling is very much woven into the history of the Drayton area.

Curling is a lifelong recreational and athletic sport enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a game of skill and traditions, dictated by a strong code of fair play and courtesy. A curler delights in a shot well-executed even by the opponent and plays to win in an environment of sportsmanship and good cheer.

Today, Drayton Curling Club keeps that sense of tradition alive in its weekly curling league.  Curlers and spectators enjoy the clubhouse’s rustic knotty pine interior, while in our bright and heated arena, ice is kept cool by a refrigeration system and the corn brooms and heavy wool sweaters of years past have given way to fabric brushes and sporty curling apparel.  League curling takes place weekly in the winter months, we host several youth events during the season, and our annual Catfish Capital Open Bonspiel is an event that grows each year.   We hold annual spring and fall meetings.

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