Drayton Booster Club

When Drayton Booster Club was formed it rallied together immediately to come up with a plan to rescue Drayton’s swimming pool from a horrible fate. With a lot of very hard work and many man-hours, we prevailed. Our efforts included: The Pre-Mother’s Day Shopping Extravaganza and Bake Sale; mass mailing to alumni and all Drayton Residents (over 1500 letters); campaigning for the city sales tax increase and raising public awareness of the pool situation; concessions at the park for all the home Baseball and Softball games, as well as during Mud Volleyball and the car show at Riverfest. All of these efforts raised $13,270.47 and the rest is history.

There is now a long term plan in place to maintain the swimming pool with the city sales tax ear-marked for the pool. The sales tax should pay for the seasonal operating costs. This will be a big help.

You can email the Drayton Booster Club at draytonboosterclub@hotmail.com


Contact Info

Bryanna Halvorson
PO Box 369, Drayton, ND 58225-0369